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Dear valued clients,

Please note: all W3 services are running normally.

Some of you may have received a notice from a bankruptcy trustee, Abakhan & Associates Inc. (the "Trustee"). Your attention is directed to a formal Notice, set out below, that the Trustee has required us to post on this website.

Notwithstanding the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, entities affiliated with W3 have agreed to continue operating the business of W3, with the consent of the Trustee. What this means is that the services we have been providing will continue uninterrupted for the time being. Moreover, hosting and colocation services are being provided by a sister company, which is not affected by the bankruptcy order.

In due course, we expect that other services may be transitioned to other entities, and that we may be required to change our operating name, but we are working to ensure that any changes are as seamless as possible and will result in as little inconvenience to our valued customers as possible.

Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone if you have any questions or concerns. We are working diligently to come up with a long-term solution that will allow us to continue to service your needs in the years to come.


The W3 Team

W3 International Media Ltd. (the "Company") has been declared bankrupt by Order of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Abakhan and Associates Inc. (the "Trustee") has been appointed trustee of the bankrupt estate of the Company. The Trustee accepts no responsibility for the contents of this website or the operation of the Company. The Trustee has entered into an interim agreement with 1056440 B.C. Ltd. to maintain the operations of the Company on a temporary basis. 1056440 B.C. Ltd. is solely responsible for the operations of the Company and for the payment of all expenses of the Company. The Trustee is not responsible for the payment of any goods or services sold or supplied to the Company. Should you have any questions or concerns, please direct your enquiries to the Trustee (Tel: 604-689-4255).

Linux Hosting Windows Hosting mysql Hosting mssql Hosting Custom Solution

From Basic Hosting to Enterprise Packages
CGI, PERL, PHP and MySQL database support
Fast, reliable and secure Linux-based servers
Easy installation of popular web applications (WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, etc)
  from $4.96 CAD/month
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ODBC Datasource access
ASP (Active Server Pages) Support
Macromedia Cold Fusion Support
Advanced statistics package
FTP access
  from $8.29 CAD/month
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Microsoft SQL, MySQL, ODBC Hosting
CGI, PERL, PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP, .NET application platforms
Shared & Dedicated Options available
Custom solutions for all needs
  from $8.29 CAD/month
MS SQL info / MySQL info 
  Co-locate your server for as little as $68 CAD/mo (with 50GB of bandwidth!)
Single unit spaces starting at $17.50/mo
Redundant High Speed Internet Connectivity
BGP4 Peering for Shortest Path to Clients
Client Managed DNS Services
Bandwidth, CPU, Memory Graphing (+ more)
24/7 Smart Network Monitoring
24/7 Email, Phone & Emergency Support
UPS Battery & Generator Backup Power

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  W3 Media specializes in providing the right hosting solution for your business. We have the team and facility to take you from shared hosting services and grow with you into a vast array of custom dedicated services and even multi-server solutions for greater performance & redundancy.

By evaluating your needs, budget, & up-time requirements, we can quickly put together a custom solution that will give you confidence without the price tag of your own network management team. Call us at 1.877.4.WEB.NOW and ask to speak with one of our Technicians! You can also contact us through our website.

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