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Choose from W3 Media's vast array of professional web hosting services. W3 Media is a leader in shared hosting services providing state of the art hosting at reasonable prices.
UNIX Hosting Linux Hosting
Our most popular hosting solution, Linux provides for basic and advanced web needs. We deploy our Linux based hosting services on fast, reliable and secure Linux-based servers. The Linux platform provides scripting support for CGI, Perl, PHP, and MySQL Database Support and limited ASP (Active Server Pages). Access is provided through FTP.
Windows Hosting Windows Hosting
Take advantage of ASP, .NET, Coldfusion, PERL, PHP support on our Windows 2003/2008 Server Platforms. Access is provided through FTP or Microsoft Frontpage Extensions. Our Windows platform also boasts one of the most advanced statistics packages available on the web today. We can provide ODBC Datasource Access to a variety of Database Platforms including MS Access and MS SQL Server.
MySQL Hosting MySQL Hosting
MySQL was developed to handle large databases faster than existing solutions and has been successfully used in highly demanding production environments for several years. MySQL offers a rich, useful set of functionality and its connectivity, speed, and security make MySQL highly suited for accessing databases on the Internet. MySQL is currently supported on our Linux Hosting Platform.
Microsoft SQL Hosting Microsoft SQL Hosting
Microsoft's SQL Server is the record-holder of important benchmark awards for scalability and speed and is a fully Web-enabled database product, providing core support for Extensible Markup Language (XML). MS SQL Server is provided for our Windows Hosting Platform.
Custom Hosting Custom Hosting
Need a specific feature or custom solution for your hosting needs?
Talk to our Hosting Specialists at 1-866-4-WEB-NOW or email us at sales2012@w3media.net to discuss the requirements for your situation!
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 Redundant Fiber Connectivity!
Our redundant high-speed fiber Internet connections guarantee that your customers will get to your website quickly without having to wait. Our upstream providers redundantly connect to the five largest worldwide Internet backbones!
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